Everyone felt much better than before they walked in!


"She managed to totally relax me with her voice & guided meditation. Thank you"  Nancy L

"A most relaxing and inspiring experience."  Maureen

"Beautiful & gentle touch, soothing voice. Very grounding."

"She is very skilled at her craft"

"Truly empathetic approach and very clear yet gentle vocal guiding during meditation"

"I enjoyed, and her voice was calm and beautiful"

"Very relaxing and great visualisation"


"It was like an ampliphide massage. I often don't completely relax in a massage, but I did with this technique"


"Very knowledgeable. Doesn't push you into things you are not ready - just guides you"

"Interesting exposure to new ideas"

"She is in tune with others, happy, calming and informative"

"She was very engaging, peaceful demenour (sic) and positive"

"Very kind and helpful person"

be the best you can