Mindmaker Massage

Is our unique blend of relaxation massage

and positive affirmations

to help you help yourself

program your mind

to create success in any matter!


Stressed? Panic about exams? Under pressure at work? Don't know how to cope? going around in circles?

You want to alleviate anxiety, stop panic attacks, fight phobias? This coaching is great therapy.

It can also be combined with a massage.  Recent studies have shown that touch can enhance psychotherapy results substantially.

Book a series of mindfulness meditation sessions or a MindmakerMassage now to experience the touch for change.

We help individuals or groups combat stress

Ideal for children before tests..Corporates panicing about meeting targets and deadlines.

Mindfulness & Meditation 101

Classes at your office

email A1Ucoach at g m a i l . c o m

to book.  Limited places available

be the best you can