be the best you can


Gratitude: I have done a short course on Positive Psychology. Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania is an expert on it. He and his team have done studies that demonstrate the importance of gratitude for mental health. People who keep a gratitude diary had markedly less depression than a control group after three months and beyond. Most noticed such a positive change in their general mood and attitude that they kept up the practice. This involves writing down three positive things that happen each day, ideally with a "because I ..." reason. This exercise can be difficult to start with, but gets easier with time.

Tips for better sleep

Regular sleep times, not eating much after five pm and avoiding coffee, tea and chocolate in the afternoon helps. I also avoid mobile devices for an hour before bed and have heard of others putting a yellow filter on them. People are designed to nearly wake-up every 90 minutes at the end of a sleep cycle. If I wake up and can't get back to sleep I reframe it as an opportunity to meditate. This can be nearly as good as sleeping. Progressive muscle relaxation helps too. This combined with a warm glass of milk or Calcium Phosphoricum Schuessler Salt tablet normally sends me back to sleep.

From Feng Shui:  Avoid mirrors in the bedroom. Try to avoid having your bed between a window with no curtains and the door. Colours and position of the bed will depend on your element.

Skeptic turned Reiki Master

I had been ill for some time. I was often sick with one thing or another. For a period of time I had heart racing and palpitations. Tachycardia. It felt strange so I had bought a stethoscope and listened. It certainly sounded strange and irregular. When I had the two minute ECG at the doctor's it was not so bad. He tried to say it was not that serious. I had also developed a pain in my foot. It was getting so bad that I limped everywhere, but the doctors couldn't find anything at the site of the pain. An x-ray did reveal a spur somewhere else on the foot, but did not explain the pain. I was desperate.

I regularly passed a shop-front with “Reiki Healing” written on the window. It really caught my attention and seemed to call to me. I had never had any contact with anything esoteric at the time and was generally very down-to-earth and practical. One day, just before going to buy a walking stick, I went in and booked a Reiki session.

It was amazing. I could really feel the heat from the therapists hands and was soothed in body and mind. Some card-reading and psychotherapy was also involved. I had a couple of sessions and after a few weeks I could walk again! I was healed! I turned my life around and found my way. My broken heart and inability to walk forward were cured.

I started my own Reiki and esoteric healing journey then and there, starting with my first degree. A decade later I am also a Reiki Master, life-coach and massage therapist. Now I help others find peace, healing and their own path.

My number one weight-losstip is a positive mindset. Be happy with yourself, busy and active.

Visualising the end result very clearly can help.

Eat less: Thinking of food as fuel and being certain that you are really hungry and not just trying to tamp down an emotion. When you do get a craving, wait it out: punch the air, drink some water, go for a walk, jump, get busy doing something.... it may pass.

Eat healthier: choose vegetables instead of carbs. Avoid snacking. Limit alcohol and sweets. Lemon juice can be a great fat-melter, as can apple-cider vinegar and water.... use a straw to protect your teeth.

Exercise: get of your behind and do something for 30 minutes every day. Lift weights: muscle burns more calories and improves metabolism.

Make an appointment with a weight-loss coach or group to keep you accountable.

Following intuition can be excellent when choosing what to eat. Sometimes it even has to be chocolate when we need a serotonin boost .... but after years of too much sugar, salt and processed foods our natural reactions have been dulled by addiction to unnatural foodstuffs and too much of them.

It is also important to be able to distinguish between real hunger and "head hunger", which can be mistaken for intuition unless mindfully analysed.